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Monday, June 26, 2006


While Democrats have found their voice on the Iraq War, Senate Republicans have proved once and for all that they and the entire GOP have completely "cut and run" from reality. Republicans insist, as they have always insisted, that America must "stay the course" in Iraq. Cheney, should anyone continue to pay attention to old "last throes," has even said pulling out of Iraq would be the worst possible scenario. One widely accepted definition of insanity is: Doing the same thing over-and-over, while expecting different results.

The old phrase certainly sums up the Republican and Bush-Cheney Iraq position. One might have thought Vietnam would have taught Republicans a lesson. Perhaps, they were all too busy trying to figure out how to avoid that conflict and, therefore, were able to pay attention and learn the hard lessons?

The Vietnam lesson was and still is: Conventional forces cannot defeat insurgencies, guerilla tactics, or quell civil-wars.

America's military did what the world's most powerful force was designed to do: They defeated Saddam's army on the battlefield and captured Baghdad. Not that Bush and Republicans know or realize it, the president was right in 2003 when he declared "mission accomplished." Once Saddam's army was routed and the capital fell, the mission for America's military should have needed. And, had Bush and the Republicans bothered creating a plan prior to invading, their mission would have neded.

Instead, plan-less and clueless, Bush and Republicans decided to have America's military takeover total control of Iraq. They were asked, in many instances, to be local governments and national police officers. After Bush and his administration disbanded Iraq's police, military and local, provincial, and national governments, their answer was to have America's military manage Iraq's day-to-day operations. Again, this wasn't a reality based decision.

Under these circumstances---all aspects of security and governments dismantled---there is a very tiny window for achieving success. Nature, people, and States abhor a vacuum. While Bush and Republicans blindly fumbled around in Iraq for months on end, other forces filled the voids. Shiia and Sunni militias, radical Islamist extremists, neighborhood security patrols and roadblocks, death squads and, too, common run-of-the-mill criminals all moved into the vacuum and staked their claim to Iraq's governance.

Still, Bush and his people wallowed in incompetence, arrogance and futility. More months passed---months that turned to years. All the while Bush and Republicans pretended everything in Iraq was "right on schedule," these ancillary forces grew their roots deeper into Iraq's soul.

To this day, neither Bush nor Republicans have any idea as how best to move Iraq forward. The thing that they don't understand, not being reality based thinkers, is that it is too late. The "other" forces that stepped into the vacuum created by Bush's post-war non plan, have taken over. It is these forces now, that will determine Iraq's future and America's military is not designed to combat these assymetric entities.

Which house should American forces bomb? Do they bomb the house third from the corner, or the house fourth from the opposite corner? In which home are the nameless faceless enemies making roadside bombs and, which house is simply a family gathering to watch television? Who should soldiers on patrol shoot? Do they shoot the women in the long-flowing attire under which a bomb could be hidden, or do they shoot the other woman in the long-flowing dress? Do they pull the trigger on Abdul approaching from the north end of the street, or Ahmad nearing from the south? Is the guy that smiles and jokes around with patrols during the daylight, the same guy planning the roadside bombs after dark?

Asymmetric warfare can only be fought by other asymmetric forces. Forces comprised of people who fully understand local cuture, customs, and have an intimate connection with the indigenous people. Only this type of force can gain the trust of the local population and in turn can then tell them in no uncertain terms, who is and isn't the bad guy. This is the reality of Iraq today.

It is a reality in which Republicans proved thay've long ago "cut and run." Becuse of their dissociation from this reality, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and the entire Republican Party, HAVE PROVED THEMSELVES NOT TO BE TRUSTED ON THE IRAQ ISSUE.



  • At 12:23 AM, Blogger Bob Merkin said…

    help me out here please ...

    While Democrats have found their voice on the Iraq War,

    Which Democrats? And if they've found their voice, what did their voice say about the Iraq War?

    I'm being sincere here. If this clueless, usually warhawky party has in the last week suddenly offered America an authentically substantive alternative to the Bush administration and Hill Republicans ...

    Details! Please!

    Because I certainly haven't heard any Democrat offer anything I would call Hope to get our troops safely out of this Tar Baby. I'm a Vietnam-era Army veteran, and old and feebie as I am, I truly think I'd have noticed something like that.

    Bash Bush infinitely, he and his Republican cabal fully deserve it.

    But I think you're fantasizing that the Democrats have suddenly come galloping to America's rescue. Just a bunch of symbolic hissy fighting to embarrass the Republicans -- which is sweet and somewhat novel.

    But not an hour closer to bringing our sons and daughters home from a pre-lost catastrophe. Just hot air, not particularly well focused.

  • At 2:20 PM, Blogger Janet;s Conner said…

    I find it awfully strange that you were able to get through to comment, since there is a block on this blog. And the block wasn't put there by me. As soon as I find out who you are and how you were able to get through, I will comment on your comment.

    I apologize ahead of time if you are just a regular reader, but you have to understand that I must protect myself!

    From who? This Republican government! I am fighting a war right here at home and know more about them than you could ever imagine. Please be pateint.....


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