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Monday, May 22, 2006


The Veterans Administration Regional Office prefers to talk to veterans' representatives it considers accredited. Local veterans groups and some veterans say it's an example of federal inefficiency.

*It's an example of federal inefficiency and arrogance!

When the American Legion invited several official groups to an April 19 meeting about problems processing medical claims, regional office Director Sam Jarvis left a phone message declining. One reason he cited, "You guys aren't accredited."

*This American Legion probably isn't supporting this Republican administration. How did they pick them out? Probably through the President's wiretapping program!

Jim Smith, a veterans and service officer with American Legion Post 15, said he was once accredited with five organizations, and the accreditation is simply a certificate granted by the VA's general counsel. Smith said the issue of who is officially accredited isn't central to the discussion of getting veterans' medical claims handled in a timely manner.

*The VA is putting on a front. Trying to make it look as if they are there for all the veterans when it is quite obvious that they are not. Someone at this Post probably went to the Veterans March or spoke out against the VA. The VA is turning their backs on any veterans organizations who doesn't agree with this Republican administration! That's the bottom line!

In March 2005, the Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary James Nicholson told Congress he expected processing times to drop to 145 days for the fiscal year, a target that had been changed from a prior goal of 100 or fewer days. According to media reports, a Sept. 22, 2005, VA report showed that the department's average time to process disability claims was 167 days for the first 11 months of the 2005 fiscal, which ended Sept. 30. In the case of disability compensation, which pays veterans for injuries sustained while serving in the military, the report said 4,300 cases from August had taken longer than a year to decide.

Specialist Jason Bowerman, 33, a mechanic and convoy security officer with the National Guard, suffered back injuries during a mortar attack in late 2004. He can't understand why the VA has been so slow in providing medical treatment that may let him return to work.

*Because the VA is not prepared for the returning troops who served in our most recent wars. James Nicholson "claims" that they are, but they aren't. The VA misrepresented the numbers of our returning injured, so it looks better to the public, and they didn't request enough money for the budget to be able to attend to the needs of our new veterans. All to make the wars in the Middle East look like they aren't as bad as their opposition is claiming it to be!

"I came back in February 2005," he said. "They've only done three tests on me. Doctors' appointments have been few and far between."

Bowerman said he kept asking for an explanation, and finally an administrator at the VA Medical Center told him they were understaffed.

"The battle wasn't over once I got back," he said.

Bowerman and his wife were successful in getting a CT scan scheduled, but only after they were interviewed about their dilemna by a Tulsa television station.

*Is this what it takes? Television publicity? Now you veterans know how to get things done. Go to your local television stations! Not the national corporate stations because they work for Bush!

Jason McClellan, assistant director at the VA's Muskogee regional office, said his department has met with Jim Smith to discuss general veteran's issues but considers Smith a private citizen.

"The VA established coalitions with veterans groups who can legally petition for benefits," he said. "Private citizens cannot legally represent them."

*Yeah, right!

McClellan said service organizations located in the federal building have "full access" to regional VA staff.

"We have met with Mr. Smith and some of his peers as a gesture of goodwill," he said.

McClellan said veterans service organizations located in the building include American Legion, AMVETS, Disabled American Veterans, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs, Paralyzed Veterans of America and Veterans of Foreign Wars.

*Didn't this all start out just because an American Legion Post wanted some questions answered? The VA isn't anything like it used to be! If you want results, call your local news stations or papers!


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