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Saturday, May 27, 2006


Carl Bernstein had a piece in the April edition of Vanity Fair warning that, if the Republicans want to avoid losing big in November they need to make a bold move now. That bold move, Carl suggests, would be for the Senate to hold bipartisan Watergate-type hearings on alleged Bush administration misdeeds.

"...it is essential that the Senate vote---hopefully before the November elections, and with overwhelming support from both parties---to undertake a full investigation of the conduct of the presidency of George W. Bush, along the lines of the Senate Watergate Watergate Committee's investigation during the presidency of Richard M. Nixon."

***It's a little too late for that now. They would never be done. What we needed was for the Republicans and Democrats to have done this a long time ago. If they "say" they "are going to do this," it probably wouldn't be until after the elections. Saying something and doing something are two entirely different things! We need to see this being done now and to have these hearings put on television for everyone to see and hear. Until then, I wouldn't believe a word that the Republicans have to say. You can see right through what Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) is doing. He's been calling for all of these hearings but they wind up to be nothing. Nothing ever happens. The only thing that the hearings do, is it gives the Republicans a chance to give the President's side, since he doesn't know how to speak for himself. They're afraid he'll stutter or embarass them even more. Specter "pretends to be a "moderate," when in all reality, he's doing exactly what the president wants hime to do. Arlen Specter works for Bush and Karl Rove. ***Read my postings from May 21 & 22. They are called "The Real Arlen Specter." You'll see exactly what I mean.

With all due respect to Carl, I have a better idea: impanel a South African-style, "Truth and Reconciliation Commission."

Stick with me here for a minute.

First, I like Carl's idea. But it won't work because Republicans suspect---(as do most folks by now)---that the Bushies have broken the law... or more accurately "laws." They also know that dragging those guys before the Senate and putting them under oath would wipe away those suspicions by replacing them with hard proof.

Great. But then what? Once suspicion became proof they committed "high crimes and misdemeanors" Congress would have no choice, they'd have to act, meaning impeachment proceedings. Those administration officials not impeachable would then have to be indicted, convicted and jailed.

Can you imagine the mess? Sure, plenty of folk would revel in seeing the Bushies get what they have coming. But it's a wet dream. It's simply not going to happen. Period. Ever.

First, those currently in charge of Congress, Republicans, understand all to well that that's exactly where Carl's idea leads. So they aren't going to go there.

Ah, you ask, but what if Democrats win control of the House and/or Senate in November? They could do it. They could hold hearings leading to impeachment proceedings.

Sure they could. And you bet there would be plenty of folks out here on the left hounding them to do just that---investigate, investigate, impeach.

But should they do that? I would argue, no. Remember the Clinton impeachment? What mess. What a waste of time. Voters hated it.

***I totally disagree with this writer on this part! Clinton should have never been impeached. That was a whole different ballgame! If this writer doesn't think that the everyday, Joe Public, doesn't want to sit down and see the Democrats "win back" all of the civil lierties that this, joke of a president and his Republican cronies, have taken away from us. You are wrong! Orville Redenbacher's stock would sky rocket! You wouldn't be able to unglue them from the front of their television sets. Energy stocks would also be on the rise from everybody's televisions blaring. Kid's would be telling their parents that they have to go to bed. Joe Public has no idea what this administration has taken from them, because it hasn't affected them yet. Middle class American doesn't have anything to do anymore because they don't have jobs or they have three of them to survive. The writer of this article is sadly mistaken if they believe that it will be a waste of time! America is waiting for Bush to "get his." It would also make the Democrats a shoe-in for the 2008 elections!

But more importantly, it would gum up the works at the very time Democrats should instead be using any political clout they win in November to begin fixing the things these guys have stolen, broken or just plain screwed up.

Anyway, think about it. If Democrats do win back control of congress it would mean voters themselves "investigated, indicted and sentenced" the culprits. At that point the biggest job facing Democrats would be to prove to those same voters that they also deserve the White House back. The worst way for them to go about that would be to become a lynching party rather than a legislating party.

***With all due respect, it would also make them look weak. Come on....everybody knows that they broke the law and failed deeply to uphold the Constitution. Democratic voters would be saying, "now is their chance and they aren't doing anything about it. Why? Because they are more concerned about the upcoming elections." They would seem no different than the Republicans to a certain degree. A lot of Democrats wouldn't go Republican, but they just may go Independent and some Democrat incumbents could lose their seats. It would also give the people the impression that they are more worried about "themselves," than they are "the people." This idea of supporting the president with bi-partisanship is a thing of the past. What about supporting "the country," in other words, "the people." This Bush Administration has changed the face of politics. The quicker the Democrats see that, the better. You are one thing or another. At least Bush has taught us that if nothing else.

But Carl's right about one thing---the Bush administration needs to be investigated, inside and out, upside down and inside out. They should not be allowed to leave office as just a failed administration. Because they are more than that---much more than that. They are arguably the largest, boldest and most virulent criminal enterprise ever to occupy that office. Their alleged crimes span the full spectrum; graft, corruption, perjury, war crimes, false imprisonments, kidnapping...It's breathtaking. Simply breathtaking.

So I suggest that rather than waste time hoping Congress will investigate, they instead authorize the establishment of a South African styled Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The commission would be made up by a handful of respected, non-partisan judges---people who have proved they can subordinate their political affiliation to the greater good. I am thinking of people like David Gergen, Sam Nunn, George Mitchell and Sandra Day O'Connor. Their job would be to determine if the testimony given by suspects was full and truthful. And, if so judged, they would be given immunity from prosecution. If not, then the evidence collected by the commission's investigators would be referred to the FBI for further investigation and prosecution.

***Sandra Day O'connor? What, are you nuts? She was made an honorary cowgirl in Texas by this administration, and believe me she has quite a few other things for this administration.

My point here is, America needs to know the truth more than it needs revenge. Future administrations need to know they can't hide from history. So, before these guys leave office, we need to find out:

* Which energy company officials did Dick Cheney meet with to create the administration's national energy policies... what deals did they strike that remain secret.. who got what in return.. and what role if any did those deals play in our current energy mess and the record profits being made by those same energy companies?

* Who authorized torture---what did the President and Vice President know about it, and when?

* How many individuals have been abducted by or at the direction of this administration around the world---why were they abducted, where were they held, how were they treated, what happened to them---which administration officials authorized the abductions and interrogations?

* What did the President and Vice President know about torture and abductions, and when did they know it?

* What did the Attorney General know about torture and abductions---when did he know about it---what role did he play?

* What did the President and Vice President know about truthfulness of the Niger yellowcake accusations, and when did they know it?

* What did the President and Vice President know about the leaking of Valerie Plame's identity, and when did they know it?

* What did the administation really know about the state of Iraq's WMD programs before the war and how does that compare with their public statements?

* Did the Preseident and /or Vice President knowlingly lie to Congress---and the American public regarding the reasons for going to war in Iraq?---And/or about torture and domestic spying?

I'm sure folks can add to this list, but I think that would be a good place to start. Let them come before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, face the facts and explain or admit. If they tell the truth, they are free to go. No indictments, no long trials, no jail. Just the verdict of the court of public opinion and , worse, history.

***If anyone were to even "think" about doing such an idiotic suggestion as this committee, they are as "whacked" as the Republicans are! They deserve to be punished. Fortunately for them, I don't believe in torture, but this is only "my" opinion! Anyway, America has done well enough on its own without having to resort to South Africa's way of doing things. AMERICA JUST NEEDS TO ENFORCE THEIR OWN LEGISLATION THAT HAS PROTECTED ''THE PEOPLE'' BEFORE THIS ADMINISTRATION CAME ALONG. "Did you hear me out there, Democrats?" I know you're listening.........I hope you're listening!........Are you listening?.........

That could work. Carl's idea won't work, for all the reasons I pointed out above. Republicans are not about to open that door because it leads to more trouble than anyone wants. But Republicans could get the same bang for their buck that Carl suggests they would from his idea by appointing a national Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

***They don't need to be getting the same bang for their buck...They have gone along with this corrupt administration at every turn. What? Do you think that Bush did this all on his own? It was the Congress that gave him the votes. The White House just told them what he wanted. The Republicans are the majority!

What we citizens would get in return are answers to the most important questions of our time. Which would be enough. Because the bright light of truth is always more powerful and lasting than the orgasm of revenge.

Source: News for Real
Story By: Stephen P. Pizza
April 2006


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