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Sunday, May 21, 2006


During his 2004 bid for a fifth term in office, Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) faced a tought primary battle. Pat Toomey, a candidate handpicked and supported by the Republican Party's most extreme element, i,e., their base, gave the Pennsylvania Senator a run for his money. It wasn't until the GOP's most radical elected officials, like George W. Bush and Rick Santorum, rallied to Specter's side, that he was finally able to stave off Tommey's challenge.

In Republican and media circles, Specter is considered a "moderate" which is coded language for a GOPer willing to do whatever it takes to appear to be mainstream, while in reality furthering the most stygian policies of the Party. As a solid moderate, Specter has become adept at straddling both sides of every subject and choosing one over the other only when political expediency requires him to do so. Republicans like Specter are the equivalent of a political Rorschach test: people see in Specter whatever they hope to see. Their perception, however, is never linked to reality.

Arlen Specter's "moderate" Republican nature allows him to adopt any political shape, take any side on an infinite number of issues and, cut dark and unholy deals. In the era of the Bush-Rove Republican Party, no one is more abhorent than GOP members who aren't fully committed to the most extreme elements of the Party's agenda. The Party is not comfortable with so-called moderates because they have a tendency to sell out their Dear Leader when they need to save their own political hides. Uncomfortable with those who are able to step around unpalatable items on the extremist agenda, Bush and Rove want party members to be faithful zealots.

This reality of the Republican Party makes one wonder just how much of his soul Specter had to sell in order to get Bush, Rove, and the likes of Santorum to come to his political rescue in 2004. The permanent senator from Pennsylvania must have prostrated himself so as to convince his ideologically-driven masters to save him; it shows in nearly everything Specter does.

Yet, Bush and Rove wouldn't have made any deal with Specter, no matter how much of his soul he had auctioned off, unless doing so had served a greater goal. And wrapping his tentacles around Specter did just that.

Not only do Bush, Rove, and the extremist GOP machine now own Specter's soul, but they have captialized on the absurd nation that the Pennsylvania senator is a "moderate." But, for Bush and Rove, still more was to be gained from saving Specter's political fortunes and owning him lock, stock and barrel: Specter, if re-elected, would head the Senate Judiciary Committee. Thus, given his position, they could further insulate themselves from legal and judiciaty inquiry. And that is exactly how the reelction of Specter has played itself out.

Specter's alleged "moderate" credentials lend credence to those many instances when he promises to provide meaningful oversight of Bush's frequent abuses of power. After every revelation of a fresh criminal and extra-Constitutional action by Bush, Specter is quick to appear on camera to announce a new hearing. But nothing much materializes from all this grandstanding.

A promised hearing may in fact be held, but invariably thurns out to be nothing more than a GOP political commrical. Republican members of the committee show up with Rove's targeted talking points in hand and simply rattle them off withour deviating from the text. Illegal and warrantless wrietapping, for example, is converted into "terrorist monitoring programs" whose nature is so secret, so vital to nation security, that even thinking about them places every American in grave danger. And so it is: with each turn at the mocrophones the Republicans recite from the ovian script: "Dear Leader has the leagal power to....," Dear Leader needs this program to....," "These hearings can only serve the enemy....," and so on.

End of PART I.....

Source: A. Alexander
Progressive Daily Beacon
Mat 21, 2006


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