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Monday, May 22, 2006

THE "REAL" SENATOR ARLEN SPECTER (R-PA)---PART II.......................................

...These are the kinds of hearings Specter holds. They are not designed to provide oversight, protect the Constitution, or protect civil liberties. Instead, Specter's so-called hearings serve but one purpose: to justify whatever illegal behavior Dear Leader may have been caught doing, or to approve Dear Leader's choice for a judicial appointment---no matter how radical. Specter's "hearings" are designed to be nothing more than political propaganda productions whose only purpose is either to protect Dear Leader, ensure that Dear Leader's appointees succeed, or guarantee that his controversial plans move on to the full Senate.

Nobody but Arlen Specter could pull this off. Bill Frist, Pat Roberts, or even Lindsey Graham's maneuvering would be too obvious, their loyalty to Bush is too evident, but a so-called certifiable moderate like Specter lends immediate legitimacy to the entire stage production.

That is why Bush, Rove, Santorum and the GOP machine came to Specter's rescue. Toomey wouldn't have had the opportunity to head the all-important Judiciary Committee, and even if he had somehow been able to grab this position, or if a bona fide Kool-Aid drinker had been appointed, it wouldn't have worked: they needed Specter. First, however, they had to have his soul. And through Toomey, they were able to force Specter to surrender it to him.

There could be no better cover than Specter the "moderate," who can defend the administration while appearing to oppose it.

How many times has Specter appeared on camera, especially after the revelation of one of Bush's unconstitutional acts, such as the NSA's monitoring of phone calls? How many times has Specter howled indignantly about a situation and declared that a serious investigation was in the offing? How many times has all this turned out to be nothing more than pure theater?

When USA Today revealed Bush's illegal domestic spy program, which recruited AT&T, BellSouth and Verizon to track the phone calls of 200 million Americans, Specter, on cue, appeared before the press to assure the people that hearings were on the way. He was going to provide "some oversight" of this illegal, un-Constitutional spy program and the President.

The media quickly trumpeted the "moderate" Specter's act of heroism and his willingness to stand up to the rogue and criminal President. And to the press, Arlen "The Great GOP Moderate" Specter really is a hero, a "media darling." They are always swift to carry the message that this time moderate Republican Specter is really going to make the President answer for his transgressions.

The results, however, are invariably quite different. The promise to hold Bush accountable for his illegal domestic spy program, for instance, came to naught. The great "moderate" Specter "mollified" Conservatives on the Judicial Committee by doing away entirely with a provision that would require judicial overview of the spy program. That omission allowed the bill to move forward. In the end the hearings only prupose will have been to create for the people the illusion that their rights are being protected and defended, while allowing other Bush puppets to proclaim the wisdom of Dear Leader's domestic spy program. As the bill now stands, it will make it impossible for anyone to take Bush to task for his criminal actions.

More recently still, Specter moved the proceedings for the GOP's Gay Hate Constitutional Amendment behind closed doors. Yes, that is how one defends democracy from tyranny: meet in secret where the people cannot hear what their supposed representatives are saying. When America's "real" defender of the people, Democratic Senator Russ Feingold, objected to Specter's dirty deed, the great "moderate" had a fit and Feingold walked out.

Specter did his part as Bush's GOP front man. The Gay Hate Amendment doesn't have the votes to pass, but it is an election year and what crime is it in America for the GOP Majority to lord it over a despised minority like Americas's homosexual commuity? Specter willingly, gleefully did his part to appease the Republican Party's most extreme and radical base---he helped impose tyranny on fellow Americans just because they happen to be sexually "different" and easy targets. Of course, he really did this because, as Bush's front man, that is his job. Yes, that is how one defends the Constitution and demonstrates "moderate" political tendencies!

The Bush-GOP front man was quick to claim that he was "totally opposed" to the measure that he said he made sure would move quickly forward only because it deserved to be debated in the Senate. The obvious question, of course, that the media won't dare ask, is how does writing limitations on freedom and civil liberties into the Constitution merit a debate in the Senate of the United States of America? How can such an act be viewed in any way as "moderate?"

Arlen Specter's cultivated image as a "moderate" provides great cover for Bush's many assaults on the Constitution and the people's civil liberties. Bush and the GOP made sure Specter would be beholden to them, and that is precisely who the real Arlen Specter is---the Bush-GOP front man who sold his soul to the devil in order to win re-election.

The so-called moderate Republican Lincoln Chafee is next. You've been warned Rhode Island, Chafee will be Bush's next bought and paid for front man. His feigned "moderate" label makes for the perfect Bush cover.

Source: The Progressive Daily Beacon
Commentary By: A. Alexander
May 21, 2006


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