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Friday, May 12, 2006


Story By: DPW
May 11, 2006

Chooses Fundraiser Over Helping Combat Veterans in Retirement, Protecting the Funerals of Soldiers Lost

MADISON---Mark Green says he is going to be a part-time Congressman. He's been true to his word.

Earlier this week, Green chose to hold a high-dollar fundraiser at a country club in Green Bay over voting in Washington on two important pieces of veterans' legislation.

One would increase the retirement benefits of combat veterans. [Source: HRes803, Vote #128, 5/9/06]

The other would stop protestors from interfering with the funerals of those soldiers lost fighting for our freedom. [Source: HR 5037, Vote #129, 5/9/06]

"When Mark Green told us he was going to be a part-time Congressman, he assured us that he wouldn't miss anything important," said Michael Murphy, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and a former Marine. "Either he wasn't telling the truth, or he just doesn't think helping veterans and their families is as important as raising campaign cash. Either way, Mark Green is out of step with mainstream Wisconsin values."

Murphy said it's no surprise that Green had once again disregarded his responsibilities as a member of Congress to further his own political agenda. For years, Green has served as a rubberstamp for the failed policies of President Bush and Republicans in Washington instead of standing up for Wisconsin families.

This is also not the first time Green has neglected his job as a Congressman in order to shake down campaign donors. In December, Green skipped out on a House floor session---missing three roll call votes---so he could raise money at fundraisers in Appleton and Janesville and talk up his bid for Governor with the UW-Madison College Republicans.


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