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Monday, May 29, 2006


As Al Gore takes the world by storm in his environmental movie an "Inconvenient Truth" in which he shows the horrors of man's impact on the environment, another inconvenient truth must be realized on this Memorial Day. Since the "Bush War" in Iraq started on March 19, 2003, more than 2,460 of our soldiers have been killed. They are dead for a convenient lie and set of lies put forth by George W. Bush.

I even wish to include in this piece that since the start of the "Bush War' in Iraq, 17,648 of our soldiers came home wounded and I suspect that some may have wished they had died over in Iraq. Their innocence dies on the battlefield along with their ability to live out the rest of their days emotionally intact.

A while ago, a female soldier whose face was burned off was pictured meeting with Danzel Washington and one wonders how she will live out the rest of her days. Does she privately wish she had died over in Iraq, instead of living life like this? So on this Memorial Day we must remember her joyful face as it died on the battlefiled.

Another incomvenient truth is that these soldiers came home so psychologically damaged that demons now live in their heads. These demons, at every point replay the horrors of this war on an endless loop and the result for some of that is, they have taken their own lives. A while back I read with horror how Specialist Douglas Barber took his own life while fighting for the benefits he so rightly deserved. He committed suicide by cop and his death, must also be remembered on this Memorial Day, as well as others who chose to do the same.

I was so angry in hearing of his death, that I faxed Bush about it and stated: "His blood is on your hands, President Bush. If it is not the lack of body armor these soldiers fight for, they must also fight for a full range of health benefits when they come home. You might as well be the one who pulled that trigger that ended his life. As far as I'm concerned, this was not suicide, but murder brought in by greed and power."

Another horror that our soldiers must live with is when under stress, some react by killing unarmed Iraqis. This killing of innocence is a truly saddening situation, which Congressman John Murtha angrily addressed. This is what Murtha had to say of these killings:

"Our troops overreacted because of the pressure on them and they killed innocent civilians in cold blood." The incident in which these soldiers went on a rampage killing fifteen unarmed Iraqi that included seven women and three children was a direct result of a road side bomb. Perhaps if our toops were not in Iraq in the first place, our soldiers who were responsible for this massacre would not have to live with this for the rest of their lives. But more importantly, those massacred would still be alive today. Will some of these soldiers come home only to take their own lives?

What about our soldiers who will succumb to the affects of our use of depleted uranium at a later date? Depleted uranium which has a half life of 4.5 billion years causes cancers and birth defects of innocent babies yet to come. Do we include their future deaths on this Memorial Day? Do the babies yet to be born who will die as a result also get to be included in the casualty rate?

One can't help but wonder, had the Supreme Court stayed out of the 2000 presidential election and Al Gore went on to become our president, would 2,460 soliders still be with us today? But more importantly, they would have been with their families. Back before the start of this heinous war, Mr. Gore spoke angrily of our invasion of Iraq when most cowered. Those who came home wounded would still be intact today. Those who took their own lives would still be with us today. And those who must live with the horrors of their actions, would not have been in the position to massacre innocent people.

The inconvenient truth that most of us are not willing to take is that this war was based on lies and was a direct result of an election that was stolen right from under us. This is what we must all remember this Memorial Day.

How many times must we say thal Al Gore and others like him were right? All who angrily spoke out against this war spoke of another inconvenient truth.

Source: The Progressive Daily Beacon
Opinion Piece By: Mary MacElveen
May 28, 2006


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