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Saturday, May 27, 2006


BATAVIA---House Speaker Hastert came under scrutiny earlier this week after ABC News reported the Yorkville Republican was being investigated by the FBI in the public corruption probe centered around convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Friday, Hastert's opponent in the November election brought the issue to the Speaker's doorstep.

John Laesch, a Democrat from Newark, used the sidewalk outside Hastert's office to speak to a handful of reporters about the issue.

"We all know that (former House Majority Leader) Tom DeLay and Dennis Hastert have been the ringleaders responsible for the culture of corruption in America's Congress," Laesch said.

***A "HUGE" part of it!

"And the recent story is just further evidence that this culture of corruption includes all leaders---President Bush, Tom DeLay and the Speaker himself."

***It includes "all" of the Republican leadership. Let's not forget about the Senate side of this. Frist is just as involved!

Both the Department of Justice and Hastert have denied there is any investigation of the Speaker.

***Yeah! And wasn't it the Justice Department that said the Bush Administration wasn't doing anything wrong too? That's why these guys are in the "leadership" or the "heads" of Departments. They are there to protect each other.

Hastert's office sent a letter to Laesch Friday saying:

"In your rush to call a press conference, I fear that you may have missed the following statements from the Department of Justice."

The letter lists three seperate statements from the Justice Department, including Deputy Attorney General Paul J. McNulty saying: "With regard to reports suggesting that the Speaker of the House is under investigation or 'in the mix' as stated by ABC News, I reconfirm, as stated by the Department earlier this evening, that these reports are untrue."

***When are these two going to have a confrontation? And, by the way, ABC didn't say that Hastert was being investigated by the Justice Department. They said it was the FBI. Somewhere down the line...we'll see the Justice Department coming out and saying they made this statement because they didn't want anything to impede their investigations and that this is how they had to handle things. And why did the big baby, Hastert, have to go running to the Justice Department and "snitch" and "cry for help?" This isn't a normal protocol because if it were, we'd see more of the Attorney General than we do the president. He'd be out there everyday, saying that this Republican or that Republican "isn't" under investigation! Why does he feel he has to protect Hastert?

Laesch, though, is siding with ABC, which stands by its story.

Hey! Wasn't it former Governor George Ryan, another Republican from Illinois, who said that he had done nothing wrong even after being found guilty all of his the charges brought against him? He was good friends with Hastert and did campaining for George W. Bush, but get this, In Ohio, while he was Governor of Illinois! No, nobody did nothing wrong though, did they?

Pressed twice by a reporter on whether he believed the Justice Department's denial of the story, Laesch sidestepped, saying, "it would be almost impossible for Dennis Hastert not to be under investigation."

Asked if he was being investigated, Hastert said he had not received any notice from the Justice Department and that "somebody leaked it out."

Uh Oh! The government must be reading his mail and tapping his phones so he won't get wind of him being under investigation.

"The charges have started on the Speaker of the House, and of course, he's starting to deny it," Laesch said. "Who else was it leaked by other than the FBI? I think he's part of the investigation. Regardless, this is an opportunity to change how business is done in Washington, D.C."

Maybe the FBI is trying to give Hastert a heads-up! We better start watching what he takes out of his office. No wonder why he was putting up such a big stink about the FBI raiding a Democratic congressman's office. He didn't want his raided! He's try to say that it's unconstitutional. What would he know about the Constitution since this Administration and their Republican cronies have shredded it?

Source: Suburban Chicago News
By: Staff Writer
May 27, 2006


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