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Monday, May 08, 2006

It was supposed to be the GOPs saving grace this November

It was supposed to be the GOPs saving grace come November. Having been found to be former Soviet-Kremlin-style corrupt, utterly incompetent, possessing neither morals nor values, and oil-company prostitutes the threat, should Democrats be elected, of Bush's impending impeachment was to be the Republicans' savior. They have nothing else which to base their 2006 campaigns. Congressional Republicans have allowed Bush to run roughshod over the Constitution, torture human beings, ignore more than 750 laws, defy the international community at America's expense, spend the nation into crippling debt while passing out $14B in tax-breaks to big energy, and have become the sort of lapdogs that would have made Stalin, green with envy.


NEWSFLASH: It isn't working and it isn't going to work.

If anything, the latest AP-Ipsos Poll seems to indicate that not only are average Democrats and Independents willing to risk Bush's impeachment but, too, so are Conservatives. In a stunning turn of events, a full-forty-five percent of self-described Conservatives disapprove of Bush. That may not be the worst news, however, because it turns-out that an incredible sixty-five percent of Conservatives are fed up with the Republican Congress. Not only are the Conservative voters disgusted with the GOP, but thirty-one percent want Republicans out of power.

Obviously, Conservative voters aren't concerned, and many may even be hopeful about the possibility of Bush being impeached.

Bush and GOP woes have deepened such that one of their own pollsters, Whit Ayres said, "I don't think at this point you can talk your way back from those sorts of ratings." No, but with Karl Rove, George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney manning the helm they might decide it possible to bomb their way out of "those sort of ratings."

However, other recent polling suggests the American people do not trust Bush's ability to deal properly with Iran and rather than consolidate support among the American people, prematurely and foolishly bombing Iran would likely do little more than confirm the people's sense that Bush and Republicans are as foolish as they are incompetent.

Indeed, if Mark Rauzi, a conservative voter from Gillespie, Illinois is any indication, bombing Iran would certainly confirm the worst. "I think he's the dumbest president we've ever had," he said. "I disapprove of a lot of the stuff he's doing. This war was a big boo boo and he won't admit he did wrong."

If conservative voters now see Iraq as having been a "boo boo," imagine what they would consider bombing Iran and completely destabilizing the MIddle East. It would become Bush's political Armageddon.

Still, the GOP have their "vote for us or else" impeachment tactic scare. The only problem with that strategy is that the way things are going, conservatives might vote Democratic if for no other reason than to ensure the President is impeached.

We wish the GOP luck with their panic stricken "vote for us or else" impeachment scare tactic---poor things, if that's all they've got in 2006. Well, that and DIEBILD'S VOTING MACHINES.

Article By: A. Alexander
The Progressive Daily Beacon


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