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Friday, May 26, 2006


WASHINGTON---The powerful head of the House Armed Services Committee said on Friday that no matter what a probe of alleged war crimes by U.S. soldiers in western Iraq shows, he doesn't want to see all U.S. troops "tarred" by the possible actions of one unit.

***Maybe the Republican administration and their Republican puppets up on Capitol Hill should have thought about this when they made the decision not to charge anyone except U.S. soldiers with any kinds of war crimes ever since the Abu Ghraib incident. These U.S. soldiers are "only doing what they were told to do." So, don't come out now, acting all worried about our troops. They are the reason that are troops are being attacked every day.

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CALIF), said he believed there was more to last fall's bloody firefight in the Iraqi town of Haditha than the military had first reported.

***Could it be that hire-ups ordered it? Or better yet, maybe it's the effects of PTSD, after being continually rotated back to Iraq 2-3 times! Maybe it's all the medication that our troops are on to, so-called "help them out with fatique and anxiety while they are going through this PTSD episode!"

A criminal investigation of the violence, which left at least 15 Iraqi civilians dead, is being conducted by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

Hunter siaid he wanted to put the incident "in contect" and didn't want to see all troops "tarred by what happened by one squad, at one place, on one morning."

***Don't worry Rep. Hunter, as an observer of the court of public opinion, we know that whenever a Republican comes out claiming to "all of a sudden" care about what happens to our troops, or they come out to "make something perfectly clear," it's usually because you are trying to hide something. And blaming our troops for something that that someone else did, has become a pattern with this administration and its congressional leaders, or should I say puppets. Nobody blames the troops for what they are ordered to do, but we do blame the ones that did the ordering!

Rep. John Murtha (D-PA), earlier this week said Marines killed innocent women and children "in cold blood" during the attacks last November.

Murtha said that troops overreacted and that nearly twice as many people were killed than first reported.

***Murtha just reported "the facts." I didn't hear him say "why" it was done! The probe will lead to that--but I also would like to know WHY IT WAS REPORTED WRONG IN THE FIRST PLACE! It's too late to get the truth now, well at least until this administration is gone or impeached!

Hunter, like Murtha is considered a staunch supporter of the military, said he believes that the number of people killed in the Haditha incident will be shown to number "20 or so," and that "initial reports that come up through the chain of command did not tell the story."

***If Hunter was such a stauch supporter of the military, then why did he vote "YES" to take away money from our troops to give it to the rich? By his own admission, whether he knows it or not, he's saying that the number of people killed went down as it came up through the chain of command. He's telling us that Rumsfeld and his puppets are nothing but a bunch of liars!

Probe defended

Hunter disputed reports that investigations of the incident had been held back for political reasons. He said military commanders had told him that two probes will be completed by early June, the first as early as next week.

***Yeah, it was held for political reasons. Just like all of the information about the intelligence of the war in Iraq was held from the people. That info was found in 2003 and verified by early 2004. It didn't come out until late 2004. By then, Bush was able to claim that it was a stunt by the Democrats. And, unfortunately, it worked. And now look at us. So, yes Rep. Hunter, it was held onto for political reasons. Your re-eection is coming up. Why are you out here defendng something that there isn't any findings on yet, anyway? Are you trying to "season" the people for the blow it might cause to you and yours?

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, in an interview Thursday with Bill O'Reilly of Fox News Channel, said, "Needless to say, we have to take seriously allegations of that type. And they're under investigation, and they will then be handled in the normal order of things.

***There has been nothing that this administration and their Republican cronies have handled in the "normal" order of things! It's either their way or no way at all. This is the most "untraditional" administration in the history of the United States of America! That's why they'll go down as laughing-stocks!

Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said he would not comment on the veracity of Murtha's remarks, but said individuals will be held accountable if it is determined they did something wrong. He added that U.S. troops "are facing a host of enemies in a tough and challenging environment every day."

'No firefight'

About a dozen Marines from the 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, are being investigated for war crimes in connection with the firefight to determine if they violated the rules of military engagement.

During a Wednesday press conference on Capitol Hill, Murtha said the investigation will show that "in fact there was no firefight, there was no explosion that killed the civilians in a bus. There was no bus. There was no shrapnel, there was only bullet holes inside the house where the Marines had gone in."

Murtha, a former Marine and veterans of combat in Vietnam, has been a consistent ally of the armed forces as a member of Congress. He has called in recent months for a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq.

A videotape taken by an Iraqi shows the aftermath of the alleged Haditha attack; a blood-smeared bedroom floor and bits of what appear to be human flesh and bullet holes on the walls.

The video, obtained by Time magazine, was broadcast a day after the Haditha residents told The Associated Press that American troops entered homes and shot dead 15 members of two families, including a 3-year old girl, after a roadside bomb killed a Marine.

Defense officials announced last month that three Marines from the 3rd Batallion were relieved of their combat duries in connection with problems during their deployment to Iraq. Gibson said it would be inappropriate to link their resignations to the Haditha incident.

The three were assigned to new duties within the division because of a lack of confidence in their leadership abilities, officials said at the time.

Staff and News Service reports
May 19, 2006


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