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Sunday, May 28, 2006


Gonzalez' armed invasion of congressman William Jefferson's office is a clear violation of seperation of powers. The leader of the Senate should be taking a tough stand on this. But, we have Bill Frist, owing himself to so many politicians and corporation, organizations and religious extremists, he can't make more than s whisper.

What does Bill Frist do this week in response to the fascist thugs who are tearing apart our Constitution? The idiot starts talking, pushing the same old lame chritofascist extremist button---gay marriage---a constitutional amendment that has no chance of passing.

***That's because the Republicans don't have any new ideas. They figure, they'll just play the same old game that they always play...gay marriage, abortion, any so-so issues that they think will get them the votes. Do you ever "really hear them talking about it at any other times? I don't understand why some people can be so naive! What about the real issues people?

Remember, he is the highest level leader in the Congress and the Congress is under ATTACK. Just imagine if he were President and we awere attacked by an enemy state. This pale excuse for a leader would probably respond with an anti-abortion amendment.

***Hey! When are we going to hear about the results of the investigation that is being done on him? I guarantee you that they'll hang on to those results until......Go ahead, said it...AFTER THE ELECTIONS. He wasn't supposed to be running anyway. Or...maybe we'll hear from him sooner, since my blog is being monitored all of a sudden. Hey! I don't have anything to hide. I always give my sources. They just don't like what I have to say and they never did! DO YOU?

Sorry Bill, you are not only a lapdog toady to corporations and religious extremists, but you have also proved that you are a pathetically, frighteningly awful leader who is clearly incapable of handling real threats.

Frist should be teaming with Henry Reid marshalling the Senate and teaming with Dennis Hastert and Nancy Pelosi to stand up to the assaults on the seperations of powers. He should be happily encouraging and accepting Gonzalez' and Mueller's resignations for violating the Constitution. The Congress should be lashing back at the Justice Department, BIG TIME!

Did you ever think that Frist abused the use of his powers in one of those closed doors meetings with the Justice Department? And I think that the only reason that Hastert is all over this is because he's afraid that it might just happen to him!

The is a clear example of why the Republican leadership MUST be ejected from both Houses of the Congress.

You mean before the United States becomes just "a fond memory" and is brought down by everyone in the rest of the world that has become anti-American since the Bush administration and its Republican puppets. What ever happened to his plan for democracy across the Middle East? Remember when he wanted early elections over there? The people didn't want to have anything to do with his ways of freedom. The people that Bush did want in office ALL LOST and the RADICAL MUSLIMS, who don't want to have anything to do with Americans, took over! THIS ADMINISTRATION FAILED DRAMATICALLY WITH THAT ONE! AND FRIST IS JUST LIKE HIM. HE'S GOT TO GO!

Source: OpEdNews
Story By: Rob Kall
May 28, 2006


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