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Thursday, May 11, 2006


Today, American families are struggling because the Bush White House and the most corrupt Congress in history have failed to focus on America's priorities. The Republican budget does not honor the basic American values we all share: honesty and integrity in our government, economic prosperity, a strong national defense, a health care system that works for everyone, and a strong public education system. Democrats are united, focused and totally committed to taking the bold steps necessary so that American families can rebuild the communities that are the heart of our democracy. Together, families in Illinois can do better.

American Jobs That Will Stay in America. Over 170,900 jobs and 158,800 manufacturing jobs have been lost in Illinois alone, with 355,869 looking for work. [BLS, 1/06] Family income has dropped by $4,395 since 2000. [CPS, 10/05] But Republicans have missed every opportunity to jump-start our economy. The Republican budget slashes funding for the Manufacturing Extension Partnership by 58% and eliminates the Advanced Technologies Program [Budget of the U.S. Government, 2/06]. It also eliminates $45,127,000 in funding for vocational education in Illinois. [FFIS, 2/06] Democrats would promote prosperity by creating new jobs, middle class tax relief, and awarding companies that create jobs at home.

Lowering Energy Costs and Our Dependence on Foreign Oil. As of January of this year, home heating costs were expected to increase by 74% in Illinois' region of the country, and gas prices had increased by 31 cents in Illinois since May of 2004, an increase of approximately 15% percent. [EIA, 1/06; AAA Fuel Gauge Report, 1/06 and 5/05] Republicans have failed to address high energy costs, passing an energy bill with billions of dollars in subsidies for big oil and gas companies. Now, the Bush Administration is refusing to call for extra funds for low-income home energy assistance (LIHEAP) this winter, even though the number of applicants for assistance has increased by 0 in Illinois. [National Energy Assistance Directors Association, 12/05] Democrats are fighting to lower energy costs and decrease our dependence on foreign oil.

Strong National Defense. Over 10,510 brave men and women from Illinois are serving their country in Afghanastan and Iraq. [DOD Legal Residence/Home Record for Service Members Deployed, 1/06] But there is only $50B in the Republican budget for America's military operations overseas. Democrats would enhance our national security with a strong military, sound diplomatic alliances, and by providing our troops with the resources they need.

Strong Homeland Security. The Republican budget slashes funding for the COPS program by 79%. It eliminates the Local Law Enforcement Grant program, which provided $12,835,959 in funding to local law enforcement in Illinois, so they have the training and equipment they need to keep communities safe, and provided no new funds for the CDC Bioterrorism program. [DHS 12/3/04; FFIS, 2/06] Democrats would provide new resources for our first responders and tighter security at our ports and borders.

Health Care System That Works for Everyone. There are 1,764,000 people without health insurance in Illinois, a 60,000 increase since 2000. [CPS, 10/05] The cost of health insurance has increased by $1,247 - a 76% increase. [KFF 2005; MEPS 2005] But the Republican budget eliminates $99M in preventive and community health funding nationwide. In addition, the Bush budget cuts Medicare by $36B over the next five years, resulting in $939,167,444 in cuts to hospitals, nursing homes, and home health providers serving seniors and people with disabilities in Illinois. [The Health Economics and Outcomes Research Institute at Greater New York Hospital Association, 2/06] Democrats would create a health care system that lowers the cost of health care and strengthening employer based coverage.

Strong Public Education. Republicans have underfunded No Child Left Behind by $55B over the past five years nationwide. Under the Republican budget, 159,372 children in Illinois will go without promised help in reading and math. It provides $283,188 less for children with disabilities than promised. [Senate Appropriations Committee, Democratic Staff, 2/06] And the budget freezes funding for Head Start, which places pressure on states to cut services for 834 children in State. [NHSA, 2/7/06] Democrats would provide opportunity through high quality early childhood education, strong public schools, and affordable college education.

Community. The budget eliminates a program that provides food to 16,439 low income seniors each month in Illinois. [USDA, 1/25/06] It also eliminates $29,668,000 in funding from the Community services Block Grant, which works to lessen poverty in communities, and $21,634,000 from the Social Services Block Grant, which provides social services directed toward achieving economic self-support or self-sufficiency. [FFIS, 2/06] Democrats would expand affordable housing and help build American communities.

*It doesn't look so good for the Republicans after you see it written down on paper now, does it?


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