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Friday, May 12, 2006

DEMOCRATS FIGHT FOR MILITARY FAMILIES..................................................

Source: Office of the House Democratic Leader
Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi
May 11, 2006

Today, the House is considering H.R. 5122, FY 2007 DOD Authorization. The bill authorizes $462.9B for the Department of Defense and an additional $50B in emergency budget authority to support operational costs, personnel expenses and the procurement of equipment for military opearations in Iraq and Afghanstan.

Democrats are fighting for our soldiers and our military families. Democrats will be voting NO on the previous question on the rule (a procedural move) in order to allow consideration of the Skelton amendment to reduce pharmacy co-pays for military families.

The Skelton amendment would reject President Bush's increase in pharmacy co-pays for military families. Currently, military families who purchase their drugs through a retail pharmacy have a co-pay of $3 for generic drugs and $9 for brand-name drugs. However, the bill would raise those co-pays to $6 for generic drugs and $16 for brand-name drugs, as proposed in President Bush's budget. The Skelton amendment would reduce these co-pays back to the level in current law.

Last night, the Rules Committee blocked Ranking Member Skelton's prescription drug co-pay amendment to DOD. (*It was blocked by Rep. S. Buyer (R-IN) Therefore, House Democratic Members will be taking PROTEST votes throughout the day due to the Republican Rules Committee ruling.


Key Points:

* Republicans refused to make in order the Skelton amendment, which would "reject" President Bush's increase in pharmacy co-pays for military families that is included in the bill.

* The increase in pharmacy co-pays in the bill would place hardship on many military families.

* During a time of war, we should "not" be increasing the burdens placed on military families.


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