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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


By: A. Alexander
Progressive Daily Beacon
May 9, 2006

It is little wonder America is getting roughed up in Iraq. Bush drove out the real Generals and promoted all the incompetent boobs. Incompetent is after all, the overriding qualification Bush desires in those he hires and/or promotes. See the likes of Chertoff, "Brownie," Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the exiting master of failure Goss if confirmation of Bush's affinity for all people incompetent is doubted. Still, it appears Bush's Generals just might set an entirely new standard for incompetence and foolishness.

A recent news report highlighted a General in Colorado who is going to be investigated, because he solicited votes for a Republican candidate that the General believed to possess sufficient "Christian" credentials. According to the General's solicitation, the candidate's Christianity is very important when it comes to serving in the U.S. Congress. Then, of course, there is Bush's replacement for the failed Goss---General Hayden of NSA and Fourth Amendment ignorance fame.

Remember Hayden? He's the guy in charge of spying on U.S. citizens, but he doesn't know the Fourth Amendment requires "probable cause" in order for the government to snoop around citizens' personal information and conversations. For Bush's Super-General Hayden, not knowing anything about the Constitution, makes him an ideal candidate for head of the CIA.

Believe it or not, that actually leads to the whole point of this longwinded dissertation. What do these two Generals have in common? Well, first, they both took an oath upon joining the military. They swore to protect and defend the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. Apparently, they didn't take that oath seriously---at least not seriously enough to actually read what it was they were freely and willingly swearing to sacrifice their lives for.

Now, even the average Joe (or Josephine) knows better than to sign or swear to something before reading the fine print. Any person not so completely mentally impaired, knows better than to sign or swear before reading. Not Bush's Generals. They've never even read the Constitution!

Sorry, but it seems to be true. What kind of moron swears him or herself fully prepared to die for something and never bothers to learn about what it is they are going to die for? YOUR AVERAGE RUN-OF-THE-MILL LAP-PUP, THAT'S WHO!

Take Bush's Colorado General as the first example: He believes being Christian should be a vital part of an elected officials qualifications. Yet, Article VI, Section 3, of the Constitution abolishes religious tests for office in the federal government. If brains were bombs, that General wouldn't be able to blow lint out of his bellybutton. He actually swore to defend and, if need be, die for the Constitution but he obviously hasn't a clue about its contents.

Then, of course, there is General Hayden. He's out and about spying left, right, and center on everybody in the country and yet, totally ignorant of a Fourth Amendment that makes his spying on citizens totally illegal because he doesn't have probable cause to be doing so. But he too, swore to take a bullet for the Constitution. You just know he requires a bib when sitting upright.

Yes, with Generals in charge who weren't even smart enough to take the time to read what it is they swore to die defending, it is little wonder Iraq is such a mess.


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