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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Just when Bush was trying to accentuate the positive in Iraq and declare a new beginning in the war on terror, a rash of bad news comes from mulitple fronts in the global struggles.

* New details are emerging in the killings of two dozen Iraqi civilians at the hands of Marines.

* Anti-American protesters are staging riots in Afghanastan after a U.S. military convoy rammed into several civilian cars.

* And a reported 75 military detainees at Guantanamo Bay are on a hunger strike to protest their continued imprisonment without charges.

* Add the trouble to the continuing daily violence in Iraq---at least 40 were killed in a series of bombings on Monday, including two from a CBS News crew---and Bush could be in danger of losing even more support for his mission.

Bush has tried to keep the nation behind him with repeated talk about the importance of defeating the terrorists abroad so they cannot attack the Unitd States again. He has expressed confidence that the U.S. will prevail and spread democracy. And he has acknowledged costly mistakes along the way.

***Bush and his Republicans Puppets in Congress have done nothing but make this world a more dangerous place with his so-called "war of terror!" He only went to war in order to be able to take away "the people's" rights. They have to be able to run everybody's lives or they will not be happy. Look at how they are making our veterans and senior citizens lives. He's taken away all of their extra programs in order to give the rich their tax-breaks. But what does he use as his legitimate excuse? The war on terror. Maybe if he would have made some kind of plans, it might have worked. But the only thing that he was interested in was: HOW TO BE ABLE TO CONTROL EVERYBODY! IS THIS WHAT ANY OF YOU CALL FREEDOM? This guy is so weak.....he's lame!

In the past week, Bush has spoken about a new chapter in the nation's relationship with Iraq since a new government has taken control. But that hasn't kept the violence and unrest out of the headlines every day, and some in the White House have been arguing that he needs to do more to push back. His public relations blitzes on the war helped build support in the past, according to public opinion polls taken before and after his campaigns.

***That strategy doesn't work anymore because the people can see right through him now. He is a habitual liar! He is nobody to be adored like he thinks he is. He is a failure...and he knows it and that's why he does what he does. He can't even win back his own base. They now see him as an "evildoer!" Oh sure, not the ones that are out there shaking his hand and the ones that you see on the military bases who are too afraid of their CO's if they don't applaud for him. I'm talking about the "real" Joe Public. Most people can't wait for him to get out of office. The only reason you see anyone at his speeches is because they are hand-picked audiences. They are "operatives." At least three-quarters of them are.

At a press conference last week, Bush said the war has featurd personal mistakes----specifically his "tough talk" about capturing Osama bin Laden "dead or alive" and challenging U.S. foes to "bring it on." And he said the worst mistake the country has made in Iraq was the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal. "We've been paying for that for a long period of time," Bush said.

Now was not the time to come out and admit your mistakes, especially after that's all that you have heard the newscasters and the people saying, "well, maybe if he comes out and at least admits that he was wrong, people may change their minds." IT DIDN'T WORK! The only reason that he did this was because his old strategies are gone like the wind. Can't he see that nobody trusts him as an individual. His true colors have come out and now the people want him out or they want him made into a lame duck president. Could it be possible that all of those old stories that we heard about the egotistic, s.o.b., just might be true?

He had not yet commented publicly on an incident in Iraq that Rep. John Murtha, a decorated Marine war veteran and prominent critic of Iraq policy, has contended could undermine U.S. efforts there even more than Abu Ghraib did.

***He's waiting to see if it goes away first. That's his way. Now that it isn't, he'll wait for somebody to write a speech for him about it. I can't wait to see how embarrases himself with this one! He'll probably tell us that the people involved will be held responsible. What about the one's in his own White House who leak information? Are they going to be held responsible like they were? You got a guarantee that the troops will be held responsible for embarrassing him!

Murtha (D-PA), has spoken critically about reports that Marines killed two dozen unarmed Iraqi civilians, including women and children, last November in Haditha, a city in western Iraq that has been plagued by insurgents. The congressman also beleives that the deaths were initially covered up by the military.

The killings came after a bomb rocked a military convoy on Nov. 19, killing a Marine. Marines then shot and killed unarmed civilians in a taxi at the scene and went into homes and shot other people, accoring to Murtha, who has been briefed by officials.

***You know, maybe if our troops weren't going on 2, 3 and 4 deployments, they wouldn't be so overworked. Our Reserves and National Guard was never trained for this sort of thing. This is not what they were intended for. This country needs to get someone into the White House that has some sort of intelligence so that we can get out of Iraq sooner or later. But nobody seems to see it happening. His Cabinet members are nothing but a bunch of friends that he owes too! They don't know the first thing about trying to run a country. The new ones going in are worse than the first bunch!

The Pentagon is investigating the deaths in Haditha, along with the events in Afghanastan that sparked rioting there.

Witnesses said the incident began when a convoy of at least three U.S. Humvees came into the city from the outskirts, then rammed into a rush-hour traffic jam, hitting several civilian cars. There were disputes about the number of deaths, but at least one person died.

The crash sparked a riot by dozens of stone-throwing Afghans who shouted "Down with America." Witnesses said U.S. forces then fired on the crowd, and the violence escalated.

Hundreds of Afghan army troops and NATO peacekeepers in tanks were deployed around the city, as chanting protesters marched on the presidential palace and rioters smashed police guard boxes, set a fire to police cars and ransacked buildings.

The military is also dealing with defiant prisoners at Guantanamo Bay who are trying to draw attention to the fact that some have been held for up to 4-1/2 years without chargs and with little contact with the outside world.

The U.S. military holds about 460 men at Guantanamo Bay on suspicion of links to al-Qaida or the Taliban. Human rights groups say many innocent people have been swept up in the Bush administration's war on terrorism and sent to the prison at the Cuban base in Guantanamo Bay, with no end in sight to their incarceration. Only 10 of the detainees have been charged with crimes.

Their military trials, the first held by the United States since the World War II era, are set to begin within months. The Supreme Court, however, is expected to rule in June on whether Bush overstepped his authority by ordering war-crimes trials for some of those held at Guantanamo Bay.


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