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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


How extraordinary. Something is happening here that has never happened in America's history. A consensus is sweeping the nation. Not that the war in Iraq is wrong, or that oil companies are screwing us blue, or that the climate is going to hell, of that good-paying jobs are being replaced by low-paying jobs, or that our national health care system is a disgrace, or that the rich are getting a lot richer while the middle class gets poorer.

While all that's true, and more and more folks are getting it, that's not the consensus of which I speak. Nope. This one is bigger, enormous, huge!

Here it is:

The President of the United States is a MORON.

Yes, stupid, dumb as common road gravel. And not figuratively, but literally. George W. Bush, President of the world's last remaining super-power, is a moron. Forrest Gump's evil twin.

I broached this possibility one year ago in a post entitled, Bush: The Worst President Ever? I were a bit early with that one. But what a difference a year makes!

So the jury is in: Bush "is" a moron. If stupid is as stupid does, he's stupid. A botched war on terror, exploding debt, his "what me worry" response to Katrina---and the ongoing management of the recovery. North Korea has the bomb and Iran is on its way to its own nuke. Think about that for a second because it is definitive proof Bush is a moron. First he identifies "three" nations as his "Axis of Evil" in the world: North Korea, Iran and Iraq. Then he has a chance to whack one of the three and he picks the ONLY ONE that had no WMD. The only way he could look worse is if it were only two countries---a coin flip---and he still got it wrong.

Yes Virginia, the current occupant of the Oval Office is no longer a crook or an adulterer. He's a moron.

As if that were not bad enough, we still face two and a half years with this man at the controls. NFR reader, Philip Bourgeouis, suggested an intervention be launched by former presidents, Clinton, Bush Sr. and Jimmy Carter. Not a bad idea, Phil.

POPPA BUSH must be beside himself watching his kid screw up decades of diplomacy in just five short yers. He could take sonny into that Oval Office alcove where Monica used to dispense her favors and administer a few long overdue dope slaps.

BILL CLINTON could sit the moron down and give him a short course in how to balance a checkbook, teach him the difference between capital investment and undisciplined spending and the virtues of saving for a rainy day.

JIMMY CARTER could teach Junior the actual meaning of the word "compassionate," and how to walk that walk. Carter could reveal to him that giving the already comfortably rich even more money, is not compassion. Giving more money to the growing number of those who work 60-hours a week, or more, and still can't get by, is "compassion." And he could figure out how to cover the nearly "50 MILLION" Americans who cannot afford health insurance.

But none of that is likely to happen. One of the trademarks of a moron is contempt for facts that challenge the simple but comfortable fictions that rule their daily routines. You can drag a morom to a library, but you can't force him to learn.

In fact morons get downright testy when someone challenges what they think they know. We saw this trait earlier when asked if he thought Don Rumsfeld should resign. The moron lashed out at the questioner, dashed into his imaginary phone booth and emerged as THE DECIDER. "I'm the Decider, he pronounced, with Mussolini-like swagger. You see, scratch a moron and beneath that smirking, ignorance-is-bliss exterior you discover a fundamental truth: beauty may be only skin deep, but moron goes right to the bone.

I'm staying close to home until this guy is gone. Keeping my head down, my nose clean, and watching what I say in emails for friends. And I have a piece of advice for the Iranians too---this guy "really is" crazy enough to "decide" that bombing the crap out of you is a good idea. Yes, Bush is "exactly" as stupid as he looks, sound and acts.

Doubt that at your peril. Fifty-one percent of American voters doubted it. And now we're screwed.


"Bush has been studiously anti-science, a man of applied ignorance who has undernourished his mind with the empty calories of comfy dogma."
(Columnist Richard Cohen)

Source: Stephen P. Pizza
News for Real-"News With Nuts"
April 2006

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