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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Janet has pass into the gates

This Blog will stay open in Honor of Janet and her Family. We have lost a fighter for Veterans and the Homeless. R.I.P Janet Gluszek-Peters

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Pelosi: Ney Should Resign Today

"One month after Bob Ney admitted guilt to criminal conspiracy, the Republican leadership continued to keep him on the Congressional payroll at taxpayer expence. Im just one month on the Congressional payroll. Bob Ney makes more than minimum wage workers make in a year. Now the Republican leadership is keeping him on the Congressional payroll at taxpayers expence for another month. Two months is far to long."

"Clearly , Mr. Ney's judgment has been impaired for a long time: He broke the law, he denied it and blamed others, and now he has admitted his quilt, he refuses to step aside."

"It's time for Mr. Ney and the Republican leadership to act responsibly. Mr. Ney should resign today.

People how much more do you need to see and hear . ITS TIME FOR CHANGE!!!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Pelosi: Nuclear North Korea 'Sould be First Priority Concern of the World'

"Given North Korea's abysmal proliferation record, reports of a successful test of a nuclear weapon should be a first priority concern of the world."

"The recently passed defence authorization bill requires President Bush to appoint a high level coordinator for North Korean policy. That appointment should be made immediately. Other nations whose policies on North Korea have also clearly failed, such as China, must urgently develop new approaches as well"

Friday, September 29, 2006

Pelosi: On Jack Abramoff an White House Officials

Pelosi Statement on New Report Jack Abramoff's Attempts to Influence White House Officials.

"For months ,White House officials have refused to be straight with the American people about Jack Abramoff. Now we know the truth: disgraced lobbyist traded perks and campaign contributions for special access to the Bush White House."

"The American people deserve better. The Republican culture of corruption is so entrenched in Washington that the Republican cannot bring themselfs to pass lobby reform legislation even in the face of these extraordinary scandals. It's clearly time for a new direction to restore integrity to Congress."

Dam right it is

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bush Administration Shortchanging Veterans Mental Health Funding

Washington ,D.C.- The Bush Administration failed to fully fund its promised $300 milion to address gaps in access and quality of mental health services for veterans over the last two years, according to Government Accountability Office (GAO) findings delivered to a House committee today.

Preliminary findings of the GAO study, requested by Rep. Michael Michaud (D-ME) and Rep. Lane Evans (D-IL), show that the Department of Veterans Affairs(VA) actually budgeted only half (approximately $53 million) of the $100 million committed to mental health care initatives in fiscal year 2005. VA also claimed to allocated another $35 million in FY 2005 through a general fund, but GAO found VA did not notify networks that these funds were to be used for [ mental health ] plan initiatives and that medical center officials were unaware that any portion of their general allocation was to be specifically used for mental health strategic plan initatives. VA did not distribute the remaining $12 million of the promised $100 million because VA officails claimed there was not enough time to distribute the monies,GAO said.

Fot fiscal year 2006, GAO found that VA failed to distribute all of the promised $200 million for additional mental health care staff, allocating only $92 million for new initiatives and $66 million to continue efforts from FY 2005. GAO reported that it is unclear whether VA medical centers will actually spend all of the FY 2006 mental health care strategic plan funds.

GAO preliminary findings reveal that , contary to Administration's claims, there is no accountability for spending the resources required to fulfill VA's own mental health plan and address the mental health care needs of veterans. The Administration has critically shortchanged veterans by failing to spend needed funds to address gaps in access and quality of mental health care, instead offering false claims that VA is ready and able to provide these serives, said Ranking Member of Veterans Affairs Subcommittee on Health. Clearly ,our oversight of the VA's implementation and delivery of mental health services will have to be more vigorous.

One in three veterans returning from Iraq and Afghistan who come to the VA has mental health care concerns.

copy of GAO report here

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hear John Laesch on J Dennis Hastert

John Laesch is running against Speaker of The House J Dennis Hastert. With your help John can beat him. To donate go here http://www.john06.com

To hear John go here http://audio.wegoted.com/podcasting/92606LaeschJohn.mp3

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Reported NIE Shows War in Iraq has hindered Our Ability to Combat Terrorism

"Media reports last weekend disclosed a consensus judgment of senior officers from across the intelligence community that the war in Iraq was having serious negative impact on our efforts against terrorism.Rather than reducing the number of terrorists worldwide and lessening the motivation of terrorist to attack the United States, the war in Iraq is having precisly the opposite affect.

"These conclusions are reportedly contained in the National Intelligence Estimate published last April. They are precisely the professional judgments that should have informed our debate through the spring and summer on the situation in Iraq and the best way to go forward. Sadly, they did not and President Bush has left the public with the false impression about the war in Iraq and the war on terrorism.

"We did not invade Iraq to fight terrorism as the President would now have us believe but we're less safe today because the war in Iraq has hindered our ability to make progress in combating terrorism. The reported NIE makes that case clearly.

"As the House prepares to debate critical funding bills for the Department of Defence this week, we need to consider fully the assessments of our intelligence agencies on terrorism. That is the reason I offered the motion to resolve the House into secret session. It was regrettable, but not surprising given the record of Congressional Republicans on oversight of anything connected with Iraq, that motion was rejected.

"We have asked all Members to se the NIE and engage in secret session to debate it, to stipulate to a set of facts on it. Our disinguished members have asked for hearings in their committees. They have all joined the Democratic leadership in asking Speaker Hastert to call for hearings and we also believe that the entire NIE should be declassified."